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Prevent ice dams with a quality roof de-icing system in Texas

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Know the signs. Although you may think icicles are just part of winter, they actually indicate the presence of ice dams that can damage your roof.

When it snows in the winter, there is more to pay attention to than just the weight on your roof. If you have ice dams forming, clogged gutters, or roof leaks, your roof could be exposed to ice damage.

If you've noticed these symptoms in your home, consider a roof deicing system from Demand Remodeling and Restoration. Our roof ice melt services will prevent ice dams from forming on your roof and causing leaks and damage to the shingles. If the dam builds up enough in the gutters, it can even cause your gutters to detach from your roof.

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What are ice dams?

You've probably heard of ice dams before, but you may not know exactly what they are. Ice dams are formed when heat from the inside of your home cause snow on the roof to melt. The water flows down the slope of the roof, but freezes again when it reaches the cold eaves and gutters.

This process repeats all winter long, eventually causing ice dams to form. If you have ice dams, water will eventually be forced back under the shingles, causing roof damage and potentially leading to leaks.

Roof de-icing prevents ice dams from forming on your roof

If you have problems with ice damming in the winter, Demand Remodeling and Restoration offers the roof ice melt system you need. There are two main types of roof de-icing systems:

Protect your roof from ice dams today

Don't take any chances on a snowy winter damaging your roof. With a quality roof de-icing system from Demand Remodeling and Restoration, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof and gutters won't be affected by ice dams.

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